Tell Them a Story

How to use storytelling to get more prospects, clients and referrals

Tell Them a StoryWould you like to learn why stories are important and how to use them in your business? You can check out the free, information-rich, 26-minute audio interview here.

What You’ll Learn:

During this quick, tightly focused, information-laden recording, you’ll learn:

  • Why stories are important in business,
  • Why you should be using them more to pull in prospects and clients,
  • The biggest mistakes people make when telling stories in their business,
  • A simple structure for telling a story you can use now to improve your business, and
  • How stories can make your client presentations better.

This downloadable mp3 file is ideal for entrepreneurs, speakers and other creative professionals (and yes, that means writers and authors who probably already know how to use stories in other ways).

Want even more value? Grab the special report that includes an annotated transcript of this recording, along with additional information that goes into greater detail about the concepts discussed. This 30+ page report covers:

  • The basics of an opt-in bonus list-building system
  • Creating a quality opt-in bonus
  • Creating a “filler” opt-in bonus

The report includes links to further information, as well as resources and examples mentioned in the interview.

And you can have all this for only $7!

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